Our Impact

When you work with The Alliance, you work collaboratively with a high-performing team of experienced business leaders, professionals and coaches.  We are committed to delivering bespoke, client-focused and values-oriented work that makes a positive impact on organisations.  Using a coaching-based approach, we facilitate both organisational development and personal growth.  By offering active support, challenge and guidance, we enable people to tackle the business issues they face and to achieve sustainable change, and often far-reaching transformations.  As a result, our clients are able to access new ideas and solutions, unleash talent and generate progress on entrenched and even previously unspoken issues.

What we can achieve together

The business world would be a better place if it had more high performing organisations full of people who love their work and flourish, even under pressure.  Helping our client organisations achieve this transformation is the work that excites us.

Who you are

  • Stepping up to a new world – in a fast-changing business environment, you may be facing an unexpected issue, a new strategy, cultural re-alignment, competitive challenge … opening you to the need for change.
  • Already good but wanting to be great – we work with organisations and individuals who are successful, ambitious, curious, motivated to develop, unwilling to accept the status quo.
  • Prepared for challenge – willing to shift gear, transform, step up, achieve even better results by examining and challenging assumptions and by embedding new practices.
  • Willing to work hard and make a difference – the businesses that achieve the most successful and far-reaching transformations have an executive / leadership team or key individual able to influence the direction and success of the organisation for the better, and interested in both business and personal development … champions for change.

How you can benefit (as reported by our clients)

  • Alignment and commitment – clarity, understanding and willingness to deliver on values, visions, strategy, and approach.
  • Relationships that work – honest, straight-forward, supportive and productive working relationships, promoting responsibility and growth.
  • Effective, timely and shared decisions – critical business choices that are thought-through, bought-into and deliverable.
  • Productive meetings – time together that is welcomed for its clear purpose, delivery of results, and appropriate brevity.
  • Stimulating conversations – interactions with listening and understanding at their heart, held with purpose, and awareness, and unlimited by assumptions.
  • Aware and developing individuals – with self-awareness, resilience, an appreciation of others, and a commitment to personal growth.

What we offer

  • A credible and trusted partner – willing to invest time to really understand your business context and needs, to say ‘no’ or ‘not yet’ as appropriate, and to challenge and support you on the journey.
  • A bespoke solution – an approach that matches your vision, culture and goals, and that flexes with changing circumstances.
  • A unique combination of skills – support, challenge and insight, marrying extensive business experience and a development focus supported by superb coaching skills.

What a project might look like

In our favourite phrase, it depends!  A collaboration with The Alliance may include all or any of the following components:

  • Exploration – we seek to understand your business needs and test the appropriateness of our coaching-based approach as a way to deliver against your goals.  In order to shape a project that delivers the results you want, we work with you to learn and to test assumptions that might influence success, using observations, interviews, and business information.  We’ll coordinate our work with existing efforts and external resources.
  • Shaping the approach – we draw on our experience to co-create a bespoke project with you.  We don’t have one way of doing things, but draw on a range of approaches and tools right for the situation and for your team or you.  We work at several levels: addressing the issues you identify and those that arise during the journey; facilitating your access to greater awareness and insight; and helping you see how to embed and continue the learning.  You can expect to gain everything from practical actions to sustainable behavioural and organisational changes, and from greater confidence to contentment with who you are and can be.
  • Working alongside – we are with you as supporters, challengers and critical friends, encouraging and guiding you.  We may include team facilitation, workshops, relationship work, individual support, and on-site observation, designed to create learning and to instil awareness and responsibility.
  • Staying close and adjusting – it is impossible to anticipate what might happen during the course of a project, as we learn together.  We are flexible and able to adapt our approach to meet emerging client needs.
  • Providing insights – we provide valuable feedback on the higher-level themes and patterns that emerge from our observations without breaching team or individual confidentiality.
  • Making connections – we love to make connections across our network, share our learning, serve as a partner and sounding board, and offer insights from across the range of our work, drawing on our combined business, professional and coaching experiences to add an extra layer of value.

For example

As a team you may be experiencing specific challenges.  You may want to improve the effectiveness of your Board or Senior Management Team.  You may be seeking to raise performance through recognising and unleashing strengths.  You may want to support individuals through a period of transition or need to implement a company-wide development programme.  You may want to initiate coaching to meet a planned organisational need such as strategic change or major project, or to deal with unexpected changes such as role shifts or a merger.  We have worked with clients facing all of these situations and more.  We work with people who can make a difference, from the Board or Executive committee to business and project teams, from executives, functional leaders and senior managers to high potentials.

Our clients best describe the experience of working with us – please see our case studies and our client testimonials for examples of what they say.