Our Experience with Clients

The following vignettes are intended to give a flavour of the range of clients we work with and the different ways we support them. Please see also our Case Studies and Clients and Testimonials pages.

  • Provided a series of group coaching events for the Executive Team of a major statutory corporation, together with individual coaching for the COO, to bring about cultural and behavioural change at both an organisational and individual level.
  • Coached the Finance Director of a major division in a FTSE 100 company to step fully into his new role by building his presence and impact with senior colleagues, and better harnessing his teams and individuals.
  • Created and delivered a coaching skills workshop for senior partners of a magic circle law firm to support their newly appointed Partners.
  • Coached the Founder and President of an American start-up company, in clarifying the vision for the company, engaging and selecting the management team, raising external finance and increasing profitability.
  • Delivered individual and team coaching in a high performing Police Constabulary to support delivery of performance to the public, which resulted in a national award.
  • Provided personalised one-to-one coaching for key employees in a manufacturing company, contributing to improved decision making and record profits.
  • Conducted a wide-ranging 360° feedback exercise for the Executive Team of a large statutory corporation, including one-to-one and three-way meetings with each team member and the CEO to discuss development priorities.
  • Worked with a newly appointed Partner in a top 20 law firm to enhance her influence and impact and manage her work to enable more business development while maintaining technical quality.
  • Coached two senior partners of a global law firm whose relationship was damaged. Their resultant reconciliation led to a wide range of positive outcomes both for the individuals concerned and for the firm.
  • Coached the COO of a government organisation throughout the delivery of a major business transformation programme, with particular emphasis on helping her to better manage internal and external relationships.
  • Coached two divisional board members and a functional head of a FTSE 100 company as part of a strengths-based leadership programme, with improved deployment of strengths, greater job satisfaction and better business performance.
  • Supported transitioning leaders throughout Europe in a Fortune 50 pharmaceutical company, helping them to accelerate business performance and integrate into the new role as they moved into new positions across business, cultural and country boundaries.
  • Coached the ‘change implementer’ within a major subsidiary of a FTSE 100 company through a highly successful programme of change from both a business and cultural point of view.
  • Coached the Group Head of a major international law firm through the visioning and implementation of a far-reaching restructure of the practice.
  • Coached the creative community of a global TV production company through an innovative approach delivering individual coaching taster sessions at a Group conference – the feedback was so positive that regular monthly coaching days have been introduced.
  • Coached three divisional board members of a FTSE 100 company to enable them to access and develop their strengths – outcomes have included improved business performance, higher 360 feedback ratings, greater motivation and positive outlook.