Clients and Testimonials

Our clients are successful, ambitious and keen to step up from A to A*.  We thrive on the stimulation of working across a range of organisations from global to local, corporate to entrepreneurial and across a diversity of sectors including professional services, television and the media, publishing, manufacturing, not-for-profit, consulting, financial services, and local government.  Our clients also benefit from the broad business insights we gain from being involved in different environments and we enjoy encouraging and facilitating valuable connections across our networks.

Representative client organisations include: BAE Systems, The Berkeley Partnership, Boston Consulting Group, Breast Cancer Now, Ericsson, BMO GAM (formerly F&C Asset Management), Fremantle Media, Friends Life, Jewish Care, Pinsent Masons, Pan Macmillan, Sacker and Partners, and UNICEF.

We work with people who can make a difference, from the Board or Executive committee to business and project teams, from executives, functional leaders and senior managers to high potentials.

Comments from our clients include the following:

‘As a coaching group you are completely different to any coaches we have worked with before – whatever you do, it works, you have a significant impact.’   Group Head, City Law Firm

‘Our challenge is always to do better. The Alliance coaches facilitate the leadership team dialogue, helping us to depersonalise the issues and address topics in an open way – and this is very powerful. People are our most valuable asset: coaching has given me new perspectives on how people think, feel and their individual motivations. In that sense personal coaching has given me a new toolset that makes me better at my job. In addition to this, coaching has given me the confidence that the answers are inside me, and the courage to find and pursue them.’ Executive Committee Member, Financial Services Firm

‘Thank you for your superlative work yesterday. All of the Board were very complimentary of your process, style and management. These characters have seen lots and they were very impressed.’   Fiona Colegrave, Chair, The Canada-UK Foundation

Coaching gives me the chance to talk very openly about the complexities and difficulties of the journey to somebody I know will not judge me in any way and will see only the opportunity for change. For me the consequence of that airing is positive and constructive decision making.’  Jeremy Gilley, Founder, Peace One Day

‘We have held monthly Coaching Days for several years and regard them as an important investment in our people. They are open to everyone and have a fantastic reputation. It’s a creative approach that enables a lot of people to experience the tangible benefits of coaching conversations.’   Nicky Gray, HR Director, Fremantle Media

‘I wanted to send my sincerest thanks to you for facilitating such a productive and insightful Executive Leadership Team away day yesterday. I felt that the day was a huge success and that your expertise really helped us to think about how we work successfully as a team.’ Delyth Morgan, Chief Executive, Breast Cancer Now

‘The value of coaching is that, unlike mentoring, many of the answers lie within yourself. You just need someone to bring them out of you. My coach is a great sounding board, with wide experience, both professionally and socially. She helped me through many topics and elicited many solutions from me. Her similar interests to myself helped cement the relationship. I was very happy with the coaching, so much so that I would like to carry on.’  Director, FTSE 100 Engineering company

Having been sceptical that a “one off” session could provide genuine benefits to people, I was proved wrong! Employees really value the opportunity to speak to someone who has no organisational role and therefore no agenda. In my role as Director of HR and OD the key advantage has been identifying themes and, as those themes changed, being able to use this as an objective measure that culture change was being effected in the organisation. Coaching Days represent good value for money and introduce a new way of thinking to those who would not necessarily have access to coaching.’
Katherine Easter, Director of HR & OD, The Pension Protection Fund

‘The approach The Alliance takes is extremely effective.  Ann manages the balance of pace and reflection perfectly.  I have numerous examples of her coaching guiding me to find the solutions that exist in my head.  The ripple effect of the increased confidence that creates is beneficial to me and the Firm.   Female Executive Committee Member, Financial Services Firm

I found the coaching experience both challenging and rewarding in terms of challenging how I see the world / a situation and rewarding in terms of what I have learned about me and I suppose realising that I do have potential. I think your style in the sessions has been spot on, directive when needed, challenging, reflective and I wanted to say a big thank you as you journeyed through with me one of the most turbulent leadership changes I have experienced.’   Director, Global Media Company