Who We Are

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“As a coaching group you are completely different to any coaches we have worked with before – whatever you do, it works, you have a significant impact.”
Group Head, City Law Firm

We are a team of experienced business leaders and coaches united by our shared values and a commitment to facilitating organisational transformation and personal growth.  Our intent is always to leave people and businesses better than they were before: higher performing; more resourceful and resilient; more fulfilled and fit for purpose.

Our clients describe us as professional, creative, challenging, supportive, authentic, knowledgeable, wise, inspiring, warm and collaborative.

The Alliance partnership has operated successfully for more than ten years.  Key to this outstanding track record is that, as a diverse but unified group, we offer much more than the sum of our parts.  We work as a high-performing team: drawing on the best that each has to offer, working with trust and generosity, pushing the boundaries of our own learning to help our clients widen the range of their own success.

We bring together a unique blend of business understanding and deep experience, aligned with the philosophy and tools of business coaching.  Our varied business backgrounds include executive and leadership roles in finance, professional services, HR, strategy, psychology, consulting, publishing and sports performance.  We are all graduates of Meyler Campbell’s Business Coach ProgrammeTM.

You benefit from our shared breadth and depth of experience, our collective wisdom and the potent insights that arise from our individual differences and strengths.  From the range of our professional experience and individual styles, we ensure an effective match of our resources to your project and apply our combined knowledge and understanding to shape, support, deliver and supervise our work.

We pride ourselves on investing in our own individual and collective learning and in continually upgrading our skills; regular supervision keeps us at the top of our game and provides quality control. We are able to synthesise a remarkable breadth of leading-edge knowledge about coaching and business and bring it to our clients in a practical and meaningful way.

We’ve learned on our own individual journeys: we are here because of conscious and often courageous choices in our professional and personal lives.  It is important to us that we all have stretching, fulfilling and valued work, taken seriously but always with a sense of fun and humour, as well as the time and space for pursuits outside The Alliance.

We work in a professional, collaborative and ethical way, delivering the highest quality work to our clients while continuously learning, growing and enjoying the experience.