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Fronting up back-to-back meetings

by Linda Feerick

“I really don’t mind when a meeting overruns and we don’t get much done” said no one. Ever. At a recent Alliance meeting we were reviewing some key themes from our coaching portfolio, mining for insights that may be gold dust for our clients. Said clients include law firms, financial services, media, public sector, charities, retail, telecoms and more. The theme of too many and poor meetings came up for all of us and sadly, it has been around for ages. It doesn’t seem to matter which profession you are in, what level you work at, or how you harness technology there is a depressing familiarity that it is hard to get meetings right, either in quantity or quality. Even giving it a different name (fancy attending a “huddle” anyone?) doesn’t help. In times of financial pressure, meetings are very expensive. Indeed, one of us had pointed out to our client that their meetings cost the business £000s and the return was negligible. (more…)

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The Power of the Power Hour: How to get more done

by Liz Gooster

I love my Power Hours. Can’t get enough of them! That’s true in a very real sense, because I don’t manage them as often as I’d like, and if I could, I’m sure I would be more productive, more effective, more satisfied, happier … all that wonderful stuff. So what am I talking about? For me a Power Hour is a dedicated time of uninterrupted focus on something I really want or need to make progress on. (more…)

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Change Our Habits, Change Our Lives

By Liz Gooster

Gretchen Rubin

Do you make your bed in the morning? If you do, that’s good. If you don’t – yet – starting to do so could make a drastic difference to your clarity of mind. Sounds trivial, and yet in her extensive research into the habits that work for us, and against us, Gretchen Rubin, author of bestselling The Happiness Project and now Better Than Before, has found that there is significant truth behind the notion that outer order contributes to inner calm. And what about those people who make their hotel bed on the day they checkout? Well, that’s a whole other category … (more…)

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