Our Broader Contribution

We like to work with a spirit of abundance – we endeavour to give a proportion of our time and talents to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access them, for example charities. Arising from the same spirit of wanting to make a broader contribution, we also aim to be generous in our support of like-minded businesses.

We often work pro-bono with individuals, and have discounted rates for work we do with organisation clients from the charity sector. Individual Alliance partners also engage in a wide range of other activities that reflect personal interests and a desire to make a contribution to the wider community.

We have also chosen a charity to support in particular years, through a combination of fundraising, donations and direct support such as the volunteering of our time. On our Charity of the Year page, you can read more about our activities with the following charities:

The Forgiveness Project
Oxfam Trailtrekkers
Precious Awards
Breakthrough Breast Cancer