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Meyler Campbell Graduation Address 2017

by Ruth Sack

I would like to extend my hearty congratulations to each and every one of you. CONGRATULATIONS. And what an exciting time for you as you come to the ‘End of the Beginning’ of your journey as a Coach. It is an absolute privilege to be standing in front of you when it feels that it was only very recently that I was sitting where you are today.

And before I say a few words to you I would like to ask you to acknowledge and honour your teachers, your practice clients, your family and your friends who I am sure have supported you and helped you reach this point. Graduating Class may I ask you to stand and show your appreciation to all who are here behind me and behind you, and to all those who are absent. Thank you.

I am going to share what I wish I had known when I was sitting where you are, things I wish I hadn’t said in a coaching session and finally things that I am now discovering which in reality have always been there.


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