Monthly Archives: January 2016

Achieving Peak Performance


By Liz Gooster

Alliance partner Juan Coto has been working closely with tennis player Johanna Konta for over a year. As Johanna soars from one achievement to the next – as I write she has just beaten Zhang Shuai to win herself a place in the semi-finals of the Australian Open – in The Alliance we are reflecting on some of the factors that contribute to peak performance, in business as well as sport. While it might sound counter-inuitive, once you approach the top levels of any field, success is not mainly due to technical ability or expertise. In a Grand Slam match, it’s unlikely you will lose because you don’t know how to serve. If you’re hired as a lawyer from a top tier firm, you’re expected to know the law. These skills are a hygiene factor, the price of entry if you like – they’re a necessary but not sufficient condition for success. (more…)

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The Softer Side of Strategy Days

Feather1Spreadsheets. Forecasts. Targets. Mission statements. These are familiar items on the agenda of many a strategy day, whether for a small business, a global organisation, or even a sole trader. But beyond the strategic thinking and planning – which I’m not belittling, because done well, these can invigorate both people and balance sheets – there is another element that’s often not part of a strategy meeting. And that’s the personal, people stuff. (more…)

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