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Time to Think – review of Nancy Kline’s book


Create a particular environment and people will think for themselves. It is that simple.’ This statement encapsulates the underlying precepts of Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment, elaborated in her marvellous book, Time to Think: Listening to ignite the human mind, which has become a classic of non-directive coaching. I make no apologies for beginning this review by saying I love this book. Nancy Kline’s work has made a deep impression on me. I am in awe of the powerful effect that concentrated, empathetic listening – what Kline terms ‘listening to ignite the human mind’ – can have in releasing ideas and insights from the person being listened to. As Kline says, ‘the quality of a person’s attention determines the quality of other people’s thinking’. It sounds beautifully simple. (more…)

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Leadership Profile: Richard Wilson, CEO of BMO GAM (EMEA)

It has been quite a time for Richard Wilson, CEO of BMO Global Asset Management (EMEA), after the Bank of Montreal successfully acquired F&C for £708m at the beginning of 2014. As those familiar with the financial world will know, a deal like this can represent the end-point of a long period of uncertainty and tense conversations. For many, the prospect of protracted merger discussions, the highs and lows of conducting critical negotiations while trying to minimise the stresses experienced by clients, employees and stakeholders would have been off-putting. But for Wilson, it was what swung him to accept the position of CEO of F&C back in January 2013, what convinced him to make the shift from his long history as a high-flying fund manager to a high-stakes role as a true business leader. (more…)

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