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Mairi Bannon, co-Managing Director of Strategic Dimensions, CRF & PARC

MairiBannon_8339 (informal)-2Softly spoken, with a delightful Scots accent, and effortlessly modest, Mairi Bannon’s understated manner belies the extent of her business achievements and her personal impact. She was part of the start-up phase of specialist recruitment company Strategic Dimensions (SD) 20 years ago, becoming joint leader with Mike Haffenden just four months after he’d got it off the ground. The pair went on to co-found and co-manage the Corporate Research Forum (CRF), having identified a need for a different kind of support in the HR, recruitment and careers spaces. Not only have Mairi and Mike weathered several recessions, but in 2004 they launched a third business, the Performance and Reward Centre (PARC). (more…)

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