"As a coaching group you are completely different to any coaches we have worked with before – whatever you do, it works, you have a significant impact."
Group Head, City Law Firm

We're not content with the status quo.
Are you?

Our intent is to leave people and businesses better than they were before: higher performing; more resourceful and resilient; more fulfilled and fit for purpose.  We partner with organisations, business leaders, teams and individuals who are open-minded and curious: for them, and us, the status quo is never an option.  Our clients want to step up a gear and are ready for transformation.  We invest the time to go deep and really understand our clients’ business needs and cultures; we encourage and inspire businesses to ask the questions and have the conversations that matter; we help our clients embed new practices; we facilitate connections and act as a bridge to fresh external perspectives.  As a result, our clients clear their view and overcome the barriers to change, helping them create high performing organisations full of people who love their work and who know how to flourish, even under pressure.

Kenny Wilson

 Leadership Profile

Our latest leadership profile is of Kenny Wilson, CEO of Cath Kidston, the fast-growing ‘home of modern vintage’. Wilson has been running the company for five years and has just overseen its buyout by private equity group, Barings Asia. With a dual focus on performance and enjoyment, Wilson is an impressive leader who knows how to take his people with him. Read his full profile to follow his path from fast-rising star at big corporate Levi Strauss, to top man at Cath Kidston. Self-awareness, determination, commercial insight, ambition, quiet charisma – Wilson has it all. Also see our full list of Leadership Profiles.

New Partner – Tabitha Alwyn

We are thrilled to welcome Tabitha Alwyn as a new Alliance Partner. Tabitha brings a top-ranked investment-banking career at Goldman Sachs, UBS and Schroders to bear in her performance focused coaching relationships. Having graduated from the Meyler Campbell programme in 2010, she has built an impressive client base coaching a wide range of people from CEOs and entire boards to senior business leaders, lawyers, fund managers, headmasters, and TV production executives. Her approach incorporates the latest neuroscience to help clients understand how their brains work best. Tabitha started off life as a classical pianist and has music degrees from both Oxford University and the Royal Academy of Music. See her full bio here.

Graduation Address

We are proud and delighted to report that our very own Ruth Sack was the guest of honour and gave the Graduation Address at the Meyler Campbell Mastered Programme Graduation Ceremony on 14 September. Ruth shared some insights and experiences from her time as a business coach, including some very memorable (very memorable!) and humorous examples. There was general agreement that this was the best address yet! You can read the full text of Ruth’s speech here.